Ontario High School Rodeo Association

National High School Rodeo Finals
Springfield Illinois 24-30 July 2006

2006 Finals: Cowboy Prom AJ Vaal, Emily Forest, Jessie Mathieu, Katie Scully and Cody Foster going to the Cowboy Prom in Illinois July 2006.
The stands at the National High School Rodeo Finals (NHSRF) in Springfield Illinois. 2006 Finals: Stands
2006 Finals: Brad Sackfield Brad Sackfield riding on the back of Joan and Dicks golf cart at finals, too hot to walk anywhere.
Cody Foster chillin on the hill at the NHSRF. 2006 Finals: Cody Foster
2006 Finals: Johnny Shore horse Johnny Shore’s horse looking very patriotic at the NHSRF.
Ian taking a well deserved rest before heading to the final rodeo. Ian qualified in bull riding and bronc riding at the National Finals way to go Ian. 2006 Finals: Ian at Rest
2006 Finals: Volleyball At the National High School Rodeo Finals the annual Volleyball Tournament is very competitive.
Cooling down in the evening watching the rodeo at the NHSRF. 2006 Finals: Cooling Down
2006 Finals: More Volleyball This is some serious volleyball in Springfield Illinois. Johnny competes with Katie for the ball.
Life Data Labs sponsors the Knowledge Bowl Tournament at the National High School Rodeo Finals. For the second year the Ontario team took the top honours. This year’s team consisted of Cody Foster, Paige Van Westerop and Lauren Minshall. 2006 Finals: Data Labs
2006 Finals: Team Banners In Illinois all the provinces and states had banners throughout the Illinois State Fairgrounds.
Some of the Ontario team members at the Canadian Picnic at the NHSRF. 2006 Finals: Ontario Team Picnic
2006 Finals: The Rings The rings at the High School Rodeo finals.
Paige and Leigh Ann watching the evening go in Springfield. 2006 Finals: Paige and Leigh Ann
2006 Finals: Team in the Shade The Ontario Team finding some shade in Illinois. It was extremely hot and humid and sitting in the shade was a popular pastime.
Team Ontario with their horses in the Canada Flag sheets donated by the Facchini family. 2006 Finals: Team Ontario with Horses
2006 Finals: Illinois State Fairground Barns Illinois State Fairgrounds barns.
The stands were filled most nights of the NHSRF. 2006 Finals: Filled Stands
2006 Finals: Ontario Team

Team Ontario 2005-2006

The Ontario Team in their nice white shirts doing Ontario proud in Springfield Illinois, July 2006.

Back Row: Rod Weese, Paul Yacobucci, Katelyn Scully, Ian Charman, LeighAnn Dochstader, Jessie Mathieu, AJ Vaal, Cody Mousseau, Emily Forest, Morgan Grant
Front Row: Cathy Grant, National Director, Ricky Ramey, Johnny Shore, Cody Foster, Tamaran Gray, Amanda Facchini, Paige Van Westerop, Katelyn Trimble, Adele Beatty, Danian Nutt, Brooke McArthur, Brad Sackfield, Lauren Minshall, Rachel DeMayo.


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